Who are we?

SIACH - Students from Israel and Abroad CHat.
We are an online penpal project for Jewish Israeli and English speaking 18-35 year olds, aiming to build and strengthen relationships between Jewish young adults in Israel and around the world.








Who's Eligible?

Our Story

SIACH was founded in February 2017 by Netta Asner-Minster following her Birthright experience as an Israeli soldier, in order to create personal connections and deeper understanding between the communities. At first, the project targeted Jewish American and Israeli students at Hebrew University and Brown University, expanding later on to additional campuses and individual students who wanted to participate. Since 2019, SIACH has expanded to all English speaking Jewish young adults ages 18-35.
At the end of 2020, we have had over 152 participants be a part of SIACH.

How does it work?

In 5 easy steps:

  • Sign up [form bellow]

  • SIACH will contact you if you have been accepted to the program

  • SIACH pairs you up with your penpal

  • Join SIACH's closed Facebook group for updates

  • Have your once-a-week SIACH meeting with your penpal

SIACH begins the new year in August, allowing one semester or a full year for penpals to be in touch. In order to join SIACH a short form needs to be filled out specifying preferences and interests in order to be matched with someone who is most similar.

The requirement is to touch base once a week with your penpal. The meaningful relationships come from both people putting time, effort and interest into the discussions and chatting.

A closed Facebook group is opened and all participants are required to join this group in order to receive information and suggested topics that are posted every two weeks. In addition, SIACH reaches out to touch base and verify how things are between the penpals approximately once a month.

From fall 2020, SIACH will also be offering group discussions in order to connect between all the participants of SIACH that are around the U.S., Israel and the world.

How can you join?


If you are interested in joining SIACH, please fill out the following information and we will reach out to you via E-mail sending the form in order to match you up with a penpal.

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“My SIACH match became my good friend. I love this project!”

Noa Rekanty - IDC Herzliya - participant of 2019-2020

“I really wish we could meet in person, SIACH has been so fun!”

Dana Baxter - Tufts - participant of 2019-2020

“The only thing that would make this better if Israel and America weren’t so far apart!”

Ali Blankfeld - Cuyahoga Community College - participant of 2019-2020

“The project is great and I would love to see it get more exposure”

Yuval Herizler - Bar Ilan University - participant of 2019-2020

“SIACH is so enlightening and so fun!”

Dahlia Maltz - Hebrew University - participant of 2017

“I really loved to get to know my match and I was so glad I signed up”

Julia Proshan - Tufts - participant of 2019-2020

"SIACH is just great, I feel like its a really good platform to build connections for future cooperation and relationships. Also its very important we stay updated with our Jewish far family, and that they recieve reliable information from first hand about whats happenning in Israel. "

Roni Tzedek - Hebrew University - participant of 2017

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Some moments from our SIACH meetings...

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